Zeus Capital: Following Ripple, SEC attacks ChainLink team

Zeus Capital has periodically criticised the developers of the ChainLink (LINK) token. Back in the autumn, it called the crypto project a „bubble“ that only expands by pumping in new investors.

According to Zeus Capital, ChainLink is a common pyramid scheme designed to maximise profits and collapse.

In the aftermath, the company even announced its intention to sue the developers of the token. And in its statement, it noted that the plaintiffs would also include defrauded investors.

This week, the company has once again lashed out at the project. Zeus Capital believes that following Ripple, ChainLink will soon be in trouble with the SEC.

Recall that the SEC accused Ripple of selling unregistered securities, after which the XRP token was sprinkled. Zeus Capital expects the SEC to attack ChainLink as early as next year.

A statement from the company on Twitter noted:

XRP is already down more than 15% and the show has yet to start. Who’s next? Hint: something more centralised, millions of dollars in useless tokens every week.
In November, the company announced that it was prepared to reward whoever provided it with information about ChainLink’s fraudulent activities. The reward is allegedly $100,000.

Zeus Capital recently reported that $57,000 has already been received by a whistleblower. The remaining $43,000 is awaiting its recipient.

According to the company, LINK will also eventually be recognised as a security and its developers will be prosecuted by the SEC. The token is currently trading at around $11.8. It ranks seventh among the largest digital currencies.

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